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Life Groups

If you want to grow into maturity in God, and become a disciple of Jesus Christ, this is the place for you!!! Small groups are a critical component of every Christian's growth and maturity. Weekly services are indispensable times of worship, refreshing, and ministry, but discipleship happens in small, intimate settings. Life Groups are where life happens: spiritual life, financial life, family life, work life, and everything else under the sun. This is where we truly connect in fellowship, growth, and love, both toward God, and toward each other!!!
Relational Prayer & Growth Workshop
Growing In Ministry
5 Love Languages Study Group
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Discipleship Groups

Jesus said to "go and make disciples" in Matthew 28:19. These groups focus on three foundational aspects of every Christian's growth and development. THE GOSPEL - this series focuses on the most fundamental aspect of the Christian walk, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and how we apply it to our lives THE FOUR PILLARS - this series focuses on what we call "the four pillars," the critical elements of discipleship found in Acts 2:42 THE WHAT'S NEXT SERIES - this series focuses on building a solid understanding in three core areas, the body, the kingdom, and the harvest We strongly encourage every person to attend these three core courses...
Operating In The Prophetic
Discipleship 1102
Tuesday Night Bible Study Group
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Perpetual Groups

Have a random free night and want to spend time with others in prayer? Want to join a Bible study for a few weeks, but can't commit to which night is best? Perpetual Groups are the place for you. These groups are ongoing prayer meetings and Bible studies that allow members to join and attend when possible, but do not have a specific time-frame, focus, or goal. Keep an eye on group info as topics, locations, and nights are subject to change. Come and be refreshed, learn, develop, and grow in God with us!!!
Woman's Prayer Group
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